Latest Fortnite Leak Hints At A New Underground Event

Surprise events are some of the most consistently popular content added to Fortnite. Since launch, players of Epic Games’ battle royale have witnessed meteor showers, UFOs and even welcomed a certain Marvel villain onto Battle Island for a bombastic crossover. These types of occurrences often precede the beginning of a new season or serve as teasers for upcoming content. That being the case, it’s not at all surprising that fans suspect new shenanigans are afoot, thanks to recent events.

Beginning at the tail end of last month, excavation sites have since begun sequentially appearing all across Fortnite‘s map, starting with one at Paradise Palms. Players banded together to promptly clear that site of rubble in record time, only to be presented with two further archaeological digs: one at Dusty Divot, and the other in close proximity to Loot Lake. Thanks to in-game events, including diggers appearing close to Loot Lake,
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