Heathers Week: Director Michael Lehmann Reflects on Heathers’ Journey from the Page to the Screen (and Beyond)

For his directorial debut, filmmaker Michael Lehmann took on the world of high school comedies with Heathers, the endlessly quotable pitch-black comedy that fearlessly explores the trials and tribulations of the teenage experience. Written by Daniel Waters, Lehmann immediately fell in love with the script from his fellow up-and-comer in Hollywood, and set the wheels in motion to get Heathers into production.

“Dan Waters, who wrote the script, is an amazing screenwriter, and was an acquaintance of mine at the time, and a really good friend of Larry Karaszewski, who was in film school with me at USC. At some point right after I got out of film school, Larry said, ‘You should look at Dan Waters' script. It's really amazing, and he's looking for an agent, and maybe you could help him get one, because I landed an agent coming out of USC with a movie called The Beaver
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