Film Review: Wild Life (1997) by Shinji Aoyama

In the mid-90s, a new filmmaker from Japan would be announced to the world after his experimental films with unique style, although it would not be years after that the director would give his best with his personal masterpiece “Eureka” in 2000 , perhaps his best known film to date in all his filmography. “Wild Life” belongs to the beginning of the director Shinji Aoyama, where he shows us a bizarre story of ex-boxers, yakuzas and Pachinko workers.

Wild Life is screening at doc films

Wild Life” is about a lonely and apparently quiet person called Hiroki (Kosuke Toyohara). Hiroki is a worker who makes a living working in a pachinko parlor, although years ago he was devoted to professional boxing. His boss, Tsumura (Mickey Curtis), is the owner of that pachinko room, and everything at first looks normal, until the two of them are involved in a yakuza conflict of
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