The Flash Casts Gotham Actor As The Voice Of Godspeed

The Flash has a long history of enlisting big name stars to voice its speedster villains. In previous seasons, horror icons like Tony Todd and Tobin Bell have portrayed Zoom and Savitar, respectively. Last night’s episode of season 5 introduced a new evil speedster, Godspeed, and once again, the show found another recognizable voice to play him: Jurassic World and Gotham actor B.D. Wong.

Apart from his most famous role as the crooked scientist Dr. Henry Wu, a role he played in the original Jurassic Park before reprising it in the two recent World movies, superhero TV fans will also know Wong as, well, another crooked scientist over on the aforementioned Gotham. The actor has portrayed Dr. Hugo Strange on the Batman prequel since season 2 and all in all, he’s a strong choice to bring Godspeed to life and did a great job in yesterday’s installment.

As well as nailing the voice,
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