Pilots 2019: Very, Very Early Buzz Edition

  • Deadline
It’s April, and Deadline is launching its annual Pilot Panic feature where we track buzz on the broadcast pilots as they go through production and and testing. We are late out of the gate this year, but that’s understandable — it’s been an extraordinary time of upheaval in the business, with 13,000 writers on Friday told by the WGA to fire their agents after the guild and the Ata could not reach a new franchise agreement.

The 2019 broadcast pilot season has been completely overshadowed by the WGA-ata battle. Still, handicapping broadcast pilots is a Deadline tradition, so let’s get to it. As usual, the first story is very sketchy and preliminary as many pilots are still in production and very few have been delivered. Here is a list of some pilots that are getting strong early buzz based on a combination of auspices, script, table read, taping or dailies.
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