Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five Blu-Ray Review

If any DC-themed animated movie to drop in 2019 offers the best of both worlds, it has to be Justice League vs. The Fatal Five. The reason I say that is because while it does chart new territory that I’ll detail momentarily, it’s a love letter to those of us who adored the sheer perfection that was Justice League Unlimited. Believe it or not, even the film’s score mirrors what we once heard from the beloved animated series. Rest assured that you’ll feel right at home as soon as you hear a well-placed electric guitar accompany Superman’s first display of heroics.

Right now, I’m guessing that you’re champing at the bit to ask me if indeed this flick is in continuity with Jlu, as opposed to Batman and Harley Quinn, which really only shared visual similarities with The New Batman Adventures.

Well, if
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