Imagine 2019 Review: Memory Reminds Us Why We Love Alien

(That's Dan O'Bannon peeping around the corner...) Over the past decade, writer-director Alexandre O. Philippe has made a name for himself as a documentary maker, picking all sorts of interesting subjects like Paul the Psychic Octopus, or Star Wars fandom turned sour in The People vs. George Lucas. His previous film 78/52 was an excellent and meticulous (if at times fan-boyish) look at the (in)famous shower scene from Psycho. So when news arrived that for his next film, Alexandre was going to aim his focus on another classic scene - the "chestburster" from Alien - I was laughing with glee. What's not to love about That idea? Well, the end result has arrived and it's called Memory - The Origins Of Alien. And while the...

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