Fortnite Celebrates Return Of Planes In New Air Royale Ltm

The latest patch for Fortnite has landed, bringing with it an overflowing platter of new content for players to sink their chompers into. New weapons, skins, balance adjustments and the like are crammed into patch v8.40, though it’s the arrival of two brand-spanking new Limited-Time Modes that have currently got fans’ tongues furiously wagging.

For players of the battle royale that remember Season 7 as if it were yesterday, one memory likely to stick out is the introduction of a certain aircraft. As is the case for many of the vehicles Epic adds to Fortnite‘s sandbox though, initial excitement for the X-4 Stormwing promptly shifted to become a burning hatred due largely to its overpowered nature. In its original form, players were able to stay among the clouds indefinitely, only swooping in to pick off any vulnerable ground dwellers. For obvious reasons, Epic ultimately decided to vault the Stormwing at Season 8’s beginning,
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