Horror Fans Are Divided On The New Child’s Play Trailer

The new Child’s Play trailer dropped earlier today, offering our best look yet at the reboot’s fresh take on the murderous little Chucky, and as it turns out, the internet is divided.

Much of the conversation seems focused on the remake’s tech-oriented storyline, which does away with the killer doll’s old voodoo origins and instead makes him a psychotic A.I. It’s a bold move to bring Chucky into the 21st century, but so far, not everyone is sold on the idea:

There's nothing scary about a robot doll with a bugged out AI. Fuckin remove the batteries. Toss it in the bath tub. Throw a magnet at it.

I've got zero interest in this Child's Play reboot, man, angry toddler sized robots aren't scary

— Salthero (@SALTSTAR_HERO) April 18, 2019

Child's Play 1988: A dying serial killer's soul possesses a child's toy and continues his killing spree!
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