Hellboy Remake Swaps Out Stalin for Hitler in Russia

Hellboy Remake Swaps Out Stalin for Hitler in Russia
The Hellboy reboot, which has been off to something of a rocky start, has had an interesting wrinkle thrown into the mix, thanks to censors in Russia. This movie is going to need every single dollar it can get from international markets if it has any hope of becoming a success. So for Lionsgate, it's great news that the movie is playing in Russia. They just decided to remove a reference to infamous Soviet political figure Joseph Stalin. In its place, they've added a reference to Adolf Hitler.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead for the Hellboy reboot. This is already a strange movie, filled with strange beasts. One of those beasts goes by the name of Baba Yaga, which is ripped from Russian folklore. At one point, David Harbour's titular character is speaking with Baba Yaga and reminds him that he once tried to resurrect the spirit of Joseph Stalin by saying,
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