Disney+ Reportedly Won't Include Song Of The South and The Original Dumbo Will Be Edited

A new report has surfaced from Boardwalk Times that says when Disney+ launches, the controversial film Song of the South will not be included and that it will also feature an edited version of the original Dumbo movie.

I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise due to fact that Song of the South makes light of slavery in the south as the slaves find joy working on a plantation. The story follows a young boy named Johnny who moves to his grandmother’s plantation where he meets a character named Uncle Remus who teaches him lessons through stories about his animated counterpart, Brer Rabbit. The movie has been locked away in the Disney vault since the 80s.

As for Dumbo, they are looking to cut out the controversial scene featuring the Jim Crow character. Jim Crow is the leader of a group of crows that give Dumbo a feather to fly.
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