Watch: Stop-Motion Animated, Film Noir Homage Short 'Blind Mice'

"Gotta get behind a guy before you stab 'em in the back." Who needs some extra Green Goods? Check out this excellent stop-motion animated short film Blind Mice, written and directed by filmmaker Nicholas D'Agostino of the upstart indie studio Pox Films Inc. This is unlike any other stop-motion film you've seen before, with some very intriguing character design. The noir homage is about a newly released inmate who gets caught up in another bad con. Featuring the voices of Preston Butler III, Matt Kelly, Peter Mark, and Claudia Wit. This is fantastic, an impressive example of clever storytelling and interesting animation. Thanks to Short of the Week for the tip on this. Brief description on Vimeo: "A con within a con." Blind Mice is written and directed by animation filmmaker Nicholas D'Agostino - his first official project. Produced by Pox Films Inc - an independent production company family
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