The Brink – Review

Steve Bannon speaks at a campaign event for Republican voters, in The Brink. Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

To those of us who thought Steve Bannon’s far-right political influence ended when he parted ways with the Trump administration, The Brink is a jarring wake-up call. As director Allison Klayman reveals through her fly-on-the-wall documentary, Bannon may have left the White House but he has moved on to advising and promoting far-right Republicans, and more worrying, working with far-right political groups in Europe, in support of an ideology he calls “populist nationalism” that appeals to white-rights anti-immigrant groups and politicians.

In The Brink, Bannon proudly brags about being the architect of the Trump administration’s Muslim ban, which succinctly sums up much of Bannon’s mind-set. Since his exit from the White House, Bannon has campaigned for what he calls populist nationalism, both in the U.S. and in Europe, meeting with far-right candidates.
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