American Gods Season 2 Episode 7 Review – ‘Treasure of the Sun’

Martin Carr reviews the seventh episode of American Gods season 2…

Reincarnation, immortality and mythology converge in this penultimate episode which digs deeper into the ideas of tradition versus progress. War is coming, weapons are ready and combatants are converging while others rebel. Flashbacks are rife while an atmosphere of ruination and alcohol dominate throughout. There might be flaming visuals from Hindu gods, salacious words of wisdom from our resident Queen of Sheba and even a little trickery from Odin himself but the floor belongs to Mad Sweeney.

Malcontent has rarely been instilled with such poetry as when manifested through this lamentable leprechaun. An embodiment of bedevilment brought low by his own rejection of progress, Sweeney is a survivor hiding few redeeming features beneath inches of self-loathing and pity. Circumspect and reprehensible yet pragmatic for all that, he remains the most relatable character in a room of reprobates and misinformed miscreants.
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