Short film review: The Spirit (2018) by Piet Patrick

Channeling the well established sub-genre of “found footage”, young director Piet Patrick give us a taste of horror with “The Spirit”, a story of possession and attempted exorcism.

Noel, Indri and Irfan have just finished shooting on location and are loading the car with the props and equipment to return. Noel is filming all this, for a sort of “behind the scene” content he will upload on his channel. Once in the car and on the way back, Indri falls in a deep and unnatural sleep while her friends chat away about a mysterious picture belonging to the location’s previous owner, that they had been asked not to move. But something strange is going on with Indri…

The film is atmospheric and displays a great possession performance, however it feels more like a teaser for something to come than a stand-alone work. It is an excellent style exercise and
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