Brian Cox (‘Succession’) on Logan Roy’s relationship with his kids: ‘It’s a needs must relationship to protect his empire’ [Exclusive Video Interview]

It would be easy to describe Logan Roy’s actions on the HBO series, “Succession,” as being dastardly, but for Brian Cox, the actor who portrays him, it’s not that simple. “He doesn’t think in those terms. It’s a needs must situation constantly.” Cox uses the British phrase “needs must” in our recent webchat (watch the video above) to describe something that is done reluctantly but with an acceptance that it can’t be prevented. Cox believes that Logan does love his children but that in order to protect the empire that he has built from nothing, he has to test them because he doesn’t want them to destroy what he has spent a lifetime building.

“Succession” follows the Roy family and their family owned media conglomerate. Cox’s Logan Roy is the man who built the giant magnate who many thought would retire after his 80th birthday,
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