‘Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project’ Review: Personal Obsession Becomes a Remarkable Piece of History

In the early days of network television’s slide into wall-to-wall news coverage, Marion Stokes started a project with the flick of a button. It would consume the rest of her life and result in the creation of over 70,000 video tapes, all of which were filled with hours upon hours of wide-ranging television footage, most of it focused on the behemoth that is news-based entertainment. A rabble-rouser, activist, and major intellect, Stokes had long been interested in the way media shaped public perception, and as the influence of televised media grew, she became obsessed with capturing as much footage as she could, all the better to see the world changing through a TV tube. Stokes recorded multiple channels of television every day, every hour for over thirty years, but it all started with just one push of a Vcr button in 1977.

Matt Wolf’s remarkable “Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project
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