‘Long Shot’ Review: Dir. Jonathan Levine (2019)

Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron share the screen in a rom-com about an unlikely romantic pairing blossoming against all odds.


At this stage in Seth Rogen’s career, you’re either well and truly in for the brand of comedy that his production company Point Grey Pictures push out, or you simply just don’t click with the blend of stoner comedy/gross-out humour that he has often been behind. Rogen’s back catalogue has certainly been varied, ranging from frat-boy comedies with a twist (Bad Neighbours) to apocalyptic hi-jinks (This Is The End) and animated food orgies (Sausage Party), Rogen’s brand of comedy certainly may seem juvenile, but there is always a great level of wit and heart of Rogen’s joints that make them, at least for me, some of the stronger modern studio comedy offerings that Hollywood has today.

With Long Shot, the Rogen comedy
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