20 Wild Details About The Making Of DreamWorks Cartoon Movies

When people think of animated films, particularly computer animated films, they immediately jump to Pixar as leading the pack. While Pixar films definitely have a certain amount of quality to them, there is something to be said about the animated films of DreamWorks. Ever since they first released Antz back in 1998, DreamWorks has consistently moved forward in making computer animated films with a lot of heart, unique stories, and all-star voice casts. some of these films have rightfully gone on to become classics of the genre, while others might have fallen a bit flat with audiences and critics. In addition to their computer animated films, however, DreamWorks has also produced films that are traditionally animated, as well as two that were created using stop-motion claymation.

Considering how many DreamWorks films there are, it's not surprising to learn that there is an immense amount of work that goes into making each film unique and special.
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