Jaws Poster Is Stunningly Recreated with Real-Life Great White Shark

  • MovieWeb
It's taken 44 years to get here, but someone has finally recreated the iconic poster from Jaws using a real-life great white shark. And the results are absolutely stunning. The image was captured by Euan Rannachan off the west coast of Mexico.

Rannachan is renown for capturing breathtaking images of these giant beasts out in the wild. This 17ft predator is actually named Squirrel, a female caught rocketing to the water's surface, though there is no unsuspecting female prey looming overhead. The cage diver was but a mere few feet away when this image was snapped. About the photo, Euan went onto say this.

"The shark in my image is a female and her name is Squirrel. We'd been with her for a while. We have these people on the boat called shark wranglers and they throw these two-foot chunks of tuna to get the shark close to the surface', said the young photographer.
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