Chadwick Boseman is the First African Samurai in Yasuke

David Crow May 7, 2019

Chadwick Boseman will play Yasuke, a slave from East Africa who becomes the first Samurai not born of Asian descent.

Feudal Japan is a long way from Wakanda, but that is also the appeal of Yasuke, a new period piece project about the first African samurai to wield a katana. The film, which was announced via Deadline, will showcase Chadwick Boseman in the real legend of Yasuke, a man who was raised a slave only to become a samurai.

The project, which is being written by Doug Miro (Narcos), follows Yasuke’s journey as a native of Portuguese Mozambique that gets carried to Japan by Jesuit priests as a personal slave. Once there, however, he attracts the intrigue of a shogun warlord named Nobunaga, who is fascinated by the first black man to set foot on Japanese soil. Additionally, Nobunaga is attempting to unite all of the
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