The Forgotten: The Fauns Is Cool

Il fauno, written and directed by Febo Mari, represents state-of-the-art filmmaking for 1917, which is to say the tableaux long-shots are broken up by closer views that jump in to enlarge persons of interest, but there are no reverse angles. However, the cinematography is extraordinary, with atmospheric single-source lighting bringing out the contours and contributing hugely to the movie's sensual effect.At the start, Mari himself steps out from behind a curtain to introduce his film in the best Universal horror manner, then he becomes the titular mythic man-beast, a statue brought to life who seduces his sculptor's mistress and runs away with her to the country.You can't make a convincing faun with 1917 special effects, according to conventional wisdom (if you can get conventional wisdom to consider such a question). The whole reason Ray Harryhausen gave his cyclops goat legs in The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, as I see it,
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