Review: Strawberry Flavored Plastic is a Unique and Unexpected Genre Film

Language is the primary component in how we express emotions, how we explain the world to others and ourselves. The films of legendary documentary filmmaker Errol Morris looked towards an understanding of the complicated balance between what and how people express themselves through language. And Morris, whose innovation behind the camera is notable in every single film, positions his subjects in intimidating yet vulnerable positions, many times looking straight into the camera lens, almost talking to the viewer.

The popular true crime stories (look no further than Netflix’s most recent water cooler conversation starter Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes), provide viewers with an inside look into the crimes, pop culture, and history of some of the most infamous criminals in history. While some may not completely understand the appeal of these shows, they are undoubtedly fascinating insights from a safe distance into the perspective of people
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