‘Along Came the Devil 2’ Producers to Donate Film Proceeds to Oppose Georgia Abortion Law

The producers of the indie film “Along Came the Devil 2,” which is currently filming in Georgia, have pledged to donate proceeds from their project to charity to oppose the anti-abortion “heartbeat bill” signed into law this week in Georgia.

Jason DeVan, the writer, director and producer of “Along Came the Devil 2,” and producer Heather DeVan said in a statement to TheWrap they would donate a portion of the film’s proceeds to Aclu of Georgia and Fair Fight Georgia.

“We stand behind the women of Georgia and their fundamental right to choose. As we come to a close to our production of ‘Along Came the Devil 2,’ we want to show our support by donating a portion of the proceeds from the film to Aclu of Georgia and Fair Fight Georgia,” the producers said. “Georgia is our home state. We have built a loving family here with our
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