Drive-In Dust Offs: Twitch Of The Death Nerve aka A Bay Of Blood (1971)

Spring has (mostly) sprung; the birds chirp and the salt coats the cars, so I thought we would look at a film that is light, frothy, and fills the lungs with the smell of blood-splattered pine cones and fresh water memories. I’m speaking of course about Twitch of the Death Nerve (1971), Mario Bava’s notorious ‘body count’ film that was ground zero for our beloved ‘80s slashers.

Why was it notorious? Well, this was not the elegant gothic tinged giallo audiences were expecting from the master of such; in fact the gritty and unpleasant shocker threw a lot of critics for a loop when it splashed across the screen first as Bay of Blood in Italy. Stateside it was picked up by Hallmark Releasing Corporation and renamed Carnage; when that didn’t play, they called it Twitch, which is the default moniker it goes by. Unless you have A Bay of Blood release.
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