The Superhero Movie Legacy of The Crow

Don Kaye May 13, 2019

The tragic history of The Crow helped usher in a quarter century of comic book movies.

On May 13, 1994 The Crow, based on the comic book by James O’Barr, was released. At the time, comics-based movies -- the superhero variety or otherwise -- were in a slump. After the initial excitement following the massive success of Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989, that series had taken a darker turn with 1992’s Batman Returns, and the corresponding dip in box office had Warner Bros. Pictures preparing a far more kid-friendly and garish Batman Forever for 1995.

The Superman franchise had died a more gruesome death than even Doomsday itself could bestow with 1987’s Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, and as a result Krypton's last son lay dormant in re-development hell. As for iconic publishers like Marvel…let’s just say that the bargain-basement Captain America (1990) and the TV quickie
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