Discover German Genre Films from the Margins in Exclusive Trailer for Quad’s New Retrospective

Consider West German cinema and the familiar crop of names will rear its head: Fassbinder, Wenders, Herzog, Schlondorff… and, barring expertise, it’s here that the gas starts running low. To our fortune, New York’s Quad Cinema (working with programmers Dominik Graf and Olaf Möller) are about to commence the delightfully named” Fighting Mad: German Genre Films from the Margins,” which seeks exposure for an entire swath of, to quote Graf, “masters of the expressive, the outrageous, the subversive – they show how it looks and feels when the proverbial Teutonic order collapses and things go ballistic.”

If you aren’t in New York City, allow their program list to be your signpost and their trailer–which the Quad have kindly offered us as an exclusive–a peek at what awaits. Taking in its swirl of antiquated fashion, gunshots, blood smears, and screaming (so much screaming) will have you, at the very least,
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