Brockmire Still Needs a Higher Power in Season 3 Exclusive Clip

Alec Bojalad May 13, 2019

Jim Brockmire is dealing with an unusual problem for him in this exclusive clip from Brockmire Season 3 Episode 7.

Jim Brockmire has faced many challenges throughout his life. He's been cuckolded, fallen in thrall to addictions, and had to pretend to be friends with Joe Buck. But in this new clip from Brockmire season 3 episode 7 "Disabled List," Brockmire is dealing with a new kind of problem...a personal kind of problem.

Look, we're all adults here so just watch the clip below featuring Hank Azaria and Martha Plimpton and know that it features a grown man talking about his boner...or lack thereof.

Yes, for the first time in his life, Jim Brockmire can't get it up, which is obviously mystifying for him. His AA sponsor Shirley doesn't seem to think it's that surprising given that earlier this season he had the "yips" and was unable to correctly
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