Johnny Depp Gets A Failing Grade For “The Professor”

It’s kind of interesting to see Johnny Depp in a movie like this. Years ago, the A-lister would take risks in smaller fare, playing oddball characters in simple character studies. However, it has been a long time since Depp has popped up in something of that sort. So, this week’s release of The Professor marks a return to the past for the man. Unfortunately, it’s also an incredibly forgettable work with little to offer. Pleasant enough to watch, it disappears from your memory as soon as the end credits roll. What’s worse, despite giving Depp a prime opportunity to go all out, he plays it oddly low key, opting for minor drunkenness over something more extreme and, frankly, interesting. The film (formerly known as Richard Says Goodbye) is a dramedy about how a college professor deals with a cancer diagnosis. When Richard (Depp) is told he has a terminal illness,
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