How Ugly Will It Get for Stx Entertainment?

  • Variety
When it launched in 2014, Stx Entertainment was supposed to be a smarter and nimbler entertainment company, one that could open compelling movies and launch quality television shows while keeping a lid on costs.

Five years later, the upstart studio has little to show for its efforts, and following the box office failure of “UglyDolls,” an animated movie that the company hoped would launch a franchise, its financial and creative future looks perilous. As if to rub salt in the wounds, Stx’s release of “Poms,” a low-budget movie about a cheerleader troupe of senior citizens, has also met with lackluster box office results.

Under the leadership of CEO Robert Simonds and motion picture chair Adam Fogelson, Stx has repeated the same refrain for years — that the company mitigates its financial risk by spending less on marketing and by selling off foreign rights to the films it makes. But the “UglyDolls” returns are not pretty.
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