Catch-22 Review (Spoiler-Free)

The George Clooney-led Catch-22 mini-series is as good as it is beautiful, but is it timely?




This Catch-22 season 2 review contains no spoilers.

About midway through the first episode of Hulu’s new mini-series Catch-22, which marks George Clooney’s first time acting on television since the ‘90s powerhouse drama ER, Nat King Cole’s 1943 classic “Straighten Up and Fly Right” begins playing.

It’s a catchy jazz tune from the same era as the show’s setting in World War II, but what’s remarkable about its use here is where the creative team decided to place it -- and why. Instead of playing in the backdrop of a lively and happy scene, like a social mixer on the army base, Cole’s tune is narrating one of John Yossarian’s (Christopher Abbott) many bombing runs in war-torn Europe and its aftermath. On paper, these
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