Would you rather?

It's our favorite Instagram pics of the week, courtesy of the celebs themselves, in reader survey form. Would you rather...

• have breakfast with Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio?

• enjoy a cocktail named after Helen Mirren with Helen Mirren?

• do Elizabeth Taylor cosplay with Gemma Chan?

• help Diane Keaton choose a hat?

• spot deals in Hollywood with Anne Hathaway?

• consider Bruce Campbell's unique face with Paddy Considine?

• give blood with Anna Kendrick?

• throw an axe with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

• hug it out with Ariana Grande & Julia Roberts?

• reminisce about your first Almodóvar movie... with two Pedros, Pascal and Almodóvar?

• hawk protein supplements with Zachary Levi?

• wear the Tony nominations with pride on your body like Best Actress contender Caitlin Kinnunen (from The Prom)?

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide
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