Film Review: Satya (1998) by Ram Gopal Varma

by Tanvir Ashraf

“Satya” didn’t create much hype prior to its screenings, trailers didn’t show any superstar in lead, critics didn’t fall over themselves to write, but everything changed upon its release, with the film becoming a critical success, earning money multiple times its budget. Director Ram Gopal Verma often opens up about harbouring burning interest for India’s crime world. His movies range from crime (Shiva) to romantic (Prema Katha), comedy (Mast) and so on, but his greatest successes come with stories about the “underworld”.

Arguably, “Satya” is among his finest 2-3 crime based gems. It was the year 1998 when the movie hit big screen, and people might notice close resemblances to incidents they often read on newspaper, nobody from Satya’s arena stepped forward to clarify to which extent the story is real; nevertheless, an air of reality permeates the film.

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