Good Omens Review

Written back in 1990, the bestselling fantasy comedy novel Good Omens from Neil Gaiman – who’d just started The Sandman for Vertigo a year earlier – and the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett was published and has never gone out of favor since. The hilarious, imaginative tale of an angel and demon teaming up to save the world when the Antichrist is born had obvious cinematic potential. So, it’s not a surprise that Terry Gilliam once developed a movie version in the early 00s with Johnny Depp and Robin Williams attached to star.

However, the project – ironically, for a story about the spawn of the devil – dwelt in development hell for years. That is, until Gaiman decided to take matters into his own hands. After Pratchett asked his co-writer to helm the TV adaptation of the book that was in early development at the time (in a letter delivered posthumously), Good Omens finally got going.
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