Bww Review: Aziza Barnes' Fast and Furiously Funny Blks Follows Three Friends on a Crazy Night

There's a scene in poet-turned-playwright Aziza Barnes' fast and furiously funny debut stage piece, Blks, where the main characters, a trio of black Brooklyn women in their 20s 'out on a mission to resurrect our fly back' find themselves at the corner of Prince Street and Broadway, where the N,R subway station entrance displays the faces of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in an ad for their Netflix comedy series, 'Grace and Frankie,' a show about two women who are there for each other during life's rough patches. In another time, the station might have shown an ad for 'Girls' or 'Sex and The City,' or any other such high-profile program where the default setting for the women who stick together is white.
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