‘Brightburn’ Reviews Run Hot and Cold: From ‘Wafer-Thin Exercise’ to ‘Winningly Scary’

‘Brightburn’ Reviews Run Hot and Cold: From ‘Wafer-Thin Exercise’ to ‘Winningly Scary’
The reviews are in for the James Gunn-produced horror flick “Brightburn,” and while some critics enjoyed the film as a dark alternative to the Superman origin story, others pointed to its “shockingly predictable” story.

“What if Superman started out evil? And what if that was the only idea you had for your movie? Hence ‘Brightburn,’ a wafer-thin exercise in a supposedly new genre called ‘superhero horror,’ but what is really just a body-count flick haphazardly grafted onto a tweaked version of Superman’s origin story — except this version’s isolated farm boy with indestructible (and destructive) alien powers would rather lift a car not to rescue someone but to kill a grown-up who wasn’t nice to him,” TheWrap critic Robert Abele wrote in his review.

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“Brightburn” is directed by
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