Decapitated Trump Image on Movie Poster Ignites Controversy at Cannes

When Women Rule the World is science fiction B-movie and it probably wouldn't be getting too much attention under normal circumstances. However, the crew behind the schlockfest are making waves at Cannes with a poster of a woman holding two decapitated heads. That's really not that big of deal, but one of the heads looks a lot like President Donald Trump and some people are not very happy about seeing their president portrayed that way, even if it is all just satire.

Writer/director/producer Sheldon Silverstein is the man behind When Women Rule the World, which he describes as satire. The movie takes place in the future after Donald Trump started the apocalypse with World War III, which was sparked after a genitalia comparing contest between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The poster for the movie features a woman holding what looks like Trump's head, complete with his
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