‘Succession’: Building the Unbearable Tension of That Memorable Boardroom Sequence

One of the most stomach-wrenching episodes of TV from the past year came right in the middle of the debut season of the HBO series “Succession.” Episode 6, dubbed “Which Side are You On?” is an hour of meticulously crafted dread, culminating in one of the series’ most consequential showdowns.

Though most of the episode centers on Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and his efforts to unseat his father Logan (Brian Cox) from his position at the head of the family business, there’s a tension simmering underneath every single character interaction. From the sting of the opening credits to the use of the folk song at the end that gives the episode its title, there’s a sense of momentum building up to an uncertain “no confidence” vote at the end. Working with the episode’s director Andrij Parekh, editor Anne McCabe was tasked with making sure that climactic boardroom drama felt earned.
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