Does Disney’s Live-Action ‘Aladdin’ Remake Have a Post-Credits Scene?

The Disney live-action-remake-of-animated-classics train keeps on rolling, and “Aladdin” has done quite well at the box office despite the cynical outlook a lot of folks had for it. It’s pulled in more than half-a-billion dollars so far and counting.

But it’s not terribly likely that Disney will ever churn out a sequel to “Aladdin” or any of these other similar movies. They don’t appear to be making these as franchise starters — instead, all these live-action remakes sort of collectively function as a franchise, even if it’s a loose one.

But that doesn’t mean that the filmmakers would definitely not sneak in an extra bonus scene after the credits. While we most often think of post-credits scenes within the context of Marvel movies, where they often function as teases for future movies, that way of thinking disregards the other function of a secret bonus scene during
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