Star Wars Fans Are Now Campaigning For A Solo Sequel

It’s already been one year since Solo: A Star Wars Story was released in theaters. Or at least it will be after this weekend.

The film, having failed to reach $400 million at the box office and receiving mixed reviews, was considered a flop, at least by Star Wars standards.

However, perhaps the most damning consequence of the Ron Howard picture is the sudden cessation of standalone anthology films. Many, including series icon Mark Hamill, perceived this movie to be one of the leading causes behind “Star Wars fatigue.”

With that said, Solo fans have flocked onto Twitter today in support of a potential, but certainly unconfirmed, sequel. In fact, #MakeSolo2Happen is currently trending, and you can check out some of the tweets below.

Today is the anniversary of @RealRonHoward's Solo picture. It was a great film and deserves a sequel. What do we need to do to #MakeSolo2Happen?
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