Game Of Thrones Fans Going Through Withdrawal With No New Episodes

As you may’ve heard, tons of fans have been canceling their HBO subscriptions in the wake of Game of Thrones season 8.

Indeed, Google searches for “cancel HBO” witnessed a sizeable spike after last Sunday’s series finale, “The Iron Throne.” And while it makes sense that a good chunk of subscribers would hit the cancel button once their favorite show has come to an end, given how divisive season 8 ended up being, there may be more to this data than meets the eye.

For one, this was the highest surge in search results for ‘cancel HBO’ since Game of Thrones began, while the second biggest spike corresponds to the end of season 7. Unfortunately, though, Google Trends only yields raw search data, which means we don’t know exactly how many people actually pulled the plug on their HBO subscription last week.

Be that as it may, it seems a
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