James Cameron talks Terminator: Dark Fate, confirms R-rating

Almost three decades after the release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, James Cameron makes his return to the Terminator franchise this year as producer on Terminator: Dark Fate, which reunites the filmmaker with Terminator and T2 stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

Following the release of the first trailer this past week, Cameron has been chatting about this new instalment in the sci-fi action series, explaining how it takes the franchise back to its roots – including an R rating.

“I think the best way to think about Terminator: Dark Fate is to think about it as a direct sequel to Terminator 2, the third film in a series, if you will. We’ll be continuing with Sarah’s story, John’s story, and the T-800 returns — a different T-800 with a very different role to play than what we’ve seen before.

“I think, tonally, what makes this a direct sequel
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