Film Review: Blood-Club Dolls 1 (2018) by Shutaro Oku

The underground fighting movie, a byproduct of films like “Kickboxer” and “Bloodsport” but popularized by “Fight Club,” is given another adaptation in this slick, engrossing new effort from director Shutaro Oku adapted from the original anime ‘Blood-c.’ Just now getting to the foreign festival part of it’s run, the film is part of the lineup at Japan Film Fest Hamburg.

“Blood-Club Dolls 1” is screening at Japan Filmfest Hamburg:

Following the news of a heinous tragedy, Mana (Aki Asakura) searches the streets for her missing brother Aiba (Ryo Kitaen), the person accused of committing the incident. Unaware of his true status or location, Aiba finds himself in the employ of an underground fighting ring using inmates like him to entertain wealthy clients, eventually moving up the ranks of the fighters quite quickly. Eventually frustrated at the lack of information from the investigation, she turns to Detective Mito (Tomoto Hachiman) to help him,
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