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A young woman, struggling with the death of her friend, finds herself entangled in a mystery about the universe as a mysterious signal, from an unknown dimension, brings about the end of days. Locked in her deceased friends apartment, she much decipher the meaning behind a tape cassette labelled as “this mix tape will save the world”, whilst at the same time avoiding monsters from another reality.

Starfish opens with the immortal words, ‘based on a true story’, and whilst it’s highly unlikely that someone tried to save the world from an invasion from another dimension, the truth likely is based within the bereavement felt by our main character Aubrey. First time feature director (and lead singer/songwriter of UK band Ghost Light) A. T. White, captures the tumultuous nature of grief. The entire film is coated with melancholy, but far from being buried with sadness, Starfish has a
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