Total Recall’s Richter: A Day in the Life of Cinema’s Unluckiest Villain

Ryan Lambie May 31, 2019

Brilliantly played by Michael Ironside, Richter is Total Recall’s best villain - and also just a guy having the worst day of his life...

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

There’s a moment in Total Recall - Paul Verhoeven’s flat-out classic 1990 action film - that perfectly sums up the tension between its hero and villain. Beefy everyman Doug Quaid has just "discovered" that his entire life is a sham: his wife isn’t really his wife, and his memories are all false - they were somehow implanted by an unknown agency determined to hide his true identity.

On learning the truth, Quaid finds himself pursued by a group of assassins, led by Richter - played with startling intensity by Michael Ironside. After a blazing gun battle, Quaid escapes the villains’ clutches by ducking into a subway car, and it’s here that
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