Pixar Drops A Teaser Trailer For “Onward”

Equally adept at original content and sequels, Pixar is truly the major force in animation these days. A powerhouse with Academy Awards and billions of dollars at the box office to their credit, they largely can do no wrong. This month, they’ll put out one of their highest profile sequels ever in Toy Story 4, but after that, the studio has said they’re doubling down on original ideas. Well, they’ve released a Teaser Trailer for one of those, next year’s epic from them, Onward. Will Pixar have another hit on their hands? You can see the Teaser for the film at the end of the post, but spoiler alert: they will. The movie is Pixar’s 2020 animated effort, centering on a fantastical world. The official plot synopsis from IMDb is as follows: “Set in a suburban fantasy world, two teenage elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot,
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