‘Good Omens,’ ‘Catch-22,’ ‘The Bad Seed’ Composers Combine Comedy and Drama in Scores

  • Variety
How do you strike the correct musical tone when a piece of storytelling rides the line between comedy and drama? For many composers working in the limited series and television movie formats this year, the cues were taken directly from

the scripts, but elements including choral music, jazz and even a detuned piano offered additional creative solutions.

In Amazon’s “Good Omens,” the mood shifts from scene to scene, as an angel (Michael Sheen) and a demon (David

Tennant) work together to try and stop the coming apocalypse, to the consternation of their colleagues in heaven and hell. English composer David Arnold (“Sherlock”) says he doesn’t believe one should “ever try and be funny with music,” though.

“If it’s funny, it’s funny, and your job [as composer] is to get out of the way and support the humor. The opening title music is a kind of wicked, slightly devilish,
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