Podtalk: Reflecting on ‘The Last Black Man in San Francisco’

Chicago – San Francisco is dying. Not from blight or fault lines, but by the excess of new tech money that has been buying the city block by block. The diversity that made the town is also going away, and this circumstance is poignantly rendered in the new film “The Last Black Man in San Francisco.”

Jimmie Fails & Joe Talbot of ‘The Last Black Man in San Francisco’

Photo credit: A24

“The Last Black Man …” has been put together by two childhood friends, Joe Talbot (director) and Jimmie Fails, who grew up in a different San Francisco, and are commemorating the city from their point of view. Fails portrays himself, as an obsessed young African American man who still feels his grandfather’s old house – now in an unbelievably expensive Sf neighborhood – still belongs to his family. Despite the gentrification, he lovingly takes care of the property, and actually moves in
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