Jessica Jones Takes a Huge Step Forward in Inclusivity, Thanks to Casting This Actress

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Jessica Jones has been an inclusive series when it comes to representation behind and in front of the camera. In its final season, the series hired transgender actress Aneesh Sheth, who plays Jessica's all-knowing and hilariously blunt new assistant Gillian, who's also low-key the singular voice of reason in the latest batch of episodes. Looking back at season two, the series worked with an all-female lineup of directors to helm its episodes. It's been known to feature characters of color in prominent roles - think Luke, Malcolm, and Pryce. We often see queer relationships on screen, especially with Jeri's complicated romances.

Sheth's casting is a great step for trans representation, but what's refreshing to the actress is that her trans identity isn't the focal point of her character. "I'm transgender and the character of Gillian is also trans," Sheth remarked in a Marvel article. "ut there is no mention of
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