We Can Definitely See This Theory About How Perry's Brother Died on Big Little Lies Being Right

Perry Wright may have been pushed to his death in the Big Little Lies season one finale, but his presence continues to haunt the show's characters - and there's a very strong chance more of his victims will be revealed. It's highly likely that Jane isn't the only stranger Perry sexually assaulted or raped, but it's hinted in episode two of season two, "Tell-Tale Hearts," that his violent streak began when the villain was just a kid. The victim? His twin brother, Raymond.

During a flashback sequence that takes place early on in their relationship, Perry and Celeste discuss their families. "I had a brother [who] passed away when I was 5," Perry tells Celeste. When she shares that she's an only child, she doesn't have a relationship with her father, and her mom passed away, Perry's eerie response is, "I don't mean to be presumptuous, but if this works out, I
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